A blog all about Linux and Linux software.
A blog all about Linux and Linux software.

Now that you know what WINE is, How you install WINE and how you use Wine you might want to know if there are any alternatives to it. Today I will show you the three main alternatives to WINE. These are Codeweaver Crossover, Oracle Virtualbox and VMware Workstation.

1: Crossover

Codeweavers Crossover is the main software mentioned if someone says WINE isn’t quite good enough for them. It is a closed source piece of software which costs £38 and includes 12 months of email support and upgrades as well as a free year of phone support. Crossover is based of the WINEhq code however the small cost allows you to have support from developers and means you are also indirectly supporting the WINE project as codeweavers give the majority of the code they have improved back to WINE to use in their next version.


2: Virtualbox

Oracle (previously Sun) Virtualbox is an open source virtualization package designed to let you run any operating system with a virtual computer. As it is open source It’s free to use however it doesn’t emulate Windows so if you want to run Windows you would need to find either an old install disk or buy a new product key.It will run every application the same as if the Windows version you installed was installed directly to a computer. However its video drivers aren’t always capable of running games and you will probably not be able to run most of your Windows Games if they use 3D graphics. It will also have every limitation Windows has for example if you install Windows 10 you won’t be able to disable the automatic updates.


VMware workstation player & proVmware workstation player is a closed source freeware virtualization program which is also designed to let you run almost any operating system with a virtual computer.


Vmware workstation pro is similar to VMware player except it is paid for, has more features and can be used by a business for monetary gain. It, like VMware player, emulates a computer to allow you to run almost any operating system inside one main OS. They have slightly better support of hardware compared to Virtualbox and if you pay for the VMware workstation you get support so you can call if you have a problem. Some people also think that VMware player looks easier to use and that Virtualbox is more confusing to use however that is subjective and you may not find that is the case.

Finally it doesn’t come with any licences or a version of Windows preinstalled which means you would have to pay for a Windows license and install Windows before you could use the program for anything.


As always thank you for reading. Please comment if you feel I have made a mistake or if you have an idea for what I should write about in the future.

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