A blog all about Linux and Linux software.
A blog all about Linux and Linux software.

Now you know what WINE is and know how you install it. You might want to know how to use it.

On Linux there are three main ways (Console, PlayonLinux and Q4Wine). I will show you all three of these ways and their advantages / disadvantages1: The consoleThe console is the only way to use Wine without installing another package. You use it by typing wine or wine64 and then the location of the file you want WINE to launch. For example to launch a file called test.exe located in your downloads folder with the 32bit version of WINE you would type wine /home/your_username/Downloads/test.exe. The WINE console has two main advantages. One of which is it’s pre-installed with the WINE packages so you don’t need to use more data installing something else.The other main advantage is the fact that it is developed by the WINE team so any bugs that may occur an be reported directly to the WINE developers.It has one main disadvantage which is that it is only configured and run through the command line and therefore will be harder to configure for new users and may put a user off the software.

2: Play On Linux

PlayonLinux is the most common GUI(Graphical User Interface) for WINE. It sandboxes C drives so you could have one install of WINE for Photoshop and a completely independent install for Windows only games.It has two main advantages and two main disadvantages. One advantage is the fact that it’s sand-boxed meaning you can easily install something new without risking your current install of WINE.Its other advantage is the fact that it has a GUI making it far easier for users to configure and use.Its first disadvantage is its code is fairly different to WINE and therefore if you report a bug to the WINE team you would need to preface your report with something mentioning you’re using Playonlinux as opposed to vanilla wine.The other disadvantage is that it isn’t included in the wine package meaning you will need to install it separately using up extra time and data and will need to keep another program up to date.


3: Q4Wine is the other major GUI for Wine on Linux. It has a more complex GUI and is closer to the vanilla version of the WINE program. It has one main advantage and 2 main disadvantages.It’s main advantage is the fact that it has a GUI which makes it easier for people to understand and use. It has a more complex GUI than PlayonLinux however makes up for it because it has a smaller install size.Its first disadvantage is the fact that it isn’t included with WINE. This is bad as it means the program will need to update and will not usually update at the same time as the main WINE package which may leave you without features sometimes.It’s other main disadvantage is the addition of code etc which means if you need to file a bug report you will have to mention somewhere in the report the fact you are using Q4Wine so the Wine developers know it may not be a problem with the WINE console and may be the Q4Wine code stopping something from working.

As always thank you for reading. Please feel free to leave a comment if I made a mistake or to tell me what else you think I should write about.

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